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Week of May 29th | SSG Insights

IRS Guidance on Reduction in Hours  for COBRA Subsidy Eligibility

The COBRA subsidy is required to be provided to eligible individuals who experience an involuntary termination of employment or reduction in hours and that have not exhausted the maximum COBRA coverage period as of April 1, 2021.

This advisor solely focuses on the meaning of reduction in hours of employment for COBRA subsidy eligibility purposes.


Inspiring Others with Three Words: I Don’t Know

Years ago, vulnerability was seen as a weakness, something to hide from others. Well, you don’t have to hunt far for an example – Microsoft Word currently lists weakness as a synonym for vulnerability.

Social worker and researcher Dr. Brené Brown is credited with ushering vulnerability through an image overhaul and making it safe to apply this tool in the office. Aspiring leaders can add one simple statement to their lexicon to practice vulnerability at work: “I don’t know.”



Complicated Issues Under the COBRA Subsidy Rules

Tuesday, June 08, 2021 @ 2 PM EST

Strategic Services Group invites you to join this 60-minute webinar intended to help provide guidance on the COBRA subsidy under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Webinar discussion will include:

  • The COBRA subsidy eligibility requirements.
  • The meaning of Involuntary termination and reduction in hours, which are alternate preconditions for COBRA subsidy eligibility.
  • The application of the extended eligibility period to state continuation coverage.
  • The interaction between COBRA eligibility and ACA stability periods.
  • The health and welfare benefits to which the subsidy applies.
  • COBRA extensions under the emergency relief guidance.