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Our proven process helps optimize each facet of your employee benefits program.



In order to provide you with a  cost effective and competitive benefits program, we need to get to know you. We begin our engagement process by listening to your needs, your pain points and what you would like to accomplish.  Through various research metrics, we can help define areas of improvement and growth.

Analysis & Development

During the discovery phase, we gather measurable benchmark data and analytics, and design a custom ‘Strategic Blueprint’ that is unique to your specific needs and goals, and also provides incredible value to your organization as a whole.  Whether you choose to implement our services and partner with us or not, we are certain that our proprietary Blueprint process will provide vast insight and actionable implementation items that will ultimately drive increased ROI.


Since every organization has different priorities and objectives, we believe that every solution we craft should be equally as unique. As industry market leaders, our proven long-term vendor relationships, and our unique partner alliance with United Benefit Advisors (UBA), gives us the leverage to provide you – our clients – with competitive plan design solutions and strategies that align with the goals and objectives of your organization and meet the needs of your team members.


Once expectations are defined, and every phase has been identified and assigned, our dedicated team of financial analysts and underwriters will begin seamless implementation of the agreed upon deliverables and timeline.


We believe every team member should be educated and informed about the value their benefit program offerings. Our team of benefit specialists will provide ongoing education and resources, as well as: on-site enrollment meetings, webinars/podcasts/seminars, regulatory compliance support, and a suite of communication materials.

Execution & Ongoing Management

We will continue to guide you every step of the process through a number of channels, including: our dedicated service team model; technology platforms and reporting analytics; competitive benchmarking and actionable data analysis; compliance dashboards; and various other resources and platforms.

We are passionate about executing your plan effectively and efficiently, and will provide ongoing logistical support to ensure your plan is performing, and you are receiving the maximum ROI for your plan investment.