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In an environment where recruiting and retaining quality employees is more difficult than ever, SSG is dedicated to helping employers manage all aspects of their group employee benefit (health and welfare) plans. The question is: Are you achieving the outcomes and receiving the ROI you deserve for the amount of money you are spending on employee benefits?

At SSG, we are working smarter to drive superior results for you. This means using every tool and resource at its optimum level and at our disposal to help you take the lead in efficiency, cost control, and employee engagement for your group benefit programs.

Cost Management/Cost Controls

We’re not like our competitors who show you rates on a page, and suggest changing vendors annually to control your cost.

Each of SSG’s unique processes are centered on you. Helping you balance cost, provider network, coverage levels, and employee expectations is no small task. To reach the optimum solution, SSG leverages a number of unique technologies and proprietary resources to help you achieve control over your benefit spend.

Market Management

SSG has access to virtually every market, vendor and provider.


The complexity and pressure for legal compliance is enormous, and one mistake can cost you thousands. How will you protect your organization from the ever-changing landscape of potential compliance failures?

Now more than ever you need an experienced partner you can count on to keep you up-to-date on changes in policy, process, and coverage. We are committed to interpreting and managing the business complexities of Health Care Reform (Affordable Care Act), ERISA, the Department of Labor (DOL), and other key initiatives impacting your organization, benefit programs, and employees. SSG’s legal team and compliance resources provide you with up to date interpretations/assessments and actionable information pertaining to current and emerging legislation impacting your benefit plans. We also offer a number of additional resources including compliance alerts, educational webinars, and more.

Education & Communication

We believe every team member should be educated and informed about the value and function of their benefit programs. SSG will educate all of your stakeholders (your leadership, key employees, and each team member) through on-site enrollment meetings and educational seminars, regulatory compliance support and an expansive library of communication materials. By delivering this on a regular basis, we will help you foster trust and gain buy-in with your employees and retirees, ensuring you receive maximum return on your benefit plan investment.