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3 Recruiting Trends To Watch In 2021


Recruiting has never been simple, and the COVID-19 pandemic is complicating matters even more. In this rapidly changing landscape, employers need to adapt if they want to attract and retain quality talent.

To better prepare for this rapidly changing landscape, the following are some recruiting practice trends employers should monitor in 2021.

1. Looking Inward for Talent

Internal mobility has increased year-over-year, and is a trend that many employers are taking advantage of. And that’s not a huge surprise, given that upskilling and retraining workers can often be more cost-efficient than hiring from outside an organization. Employers can expect more recruiters to focus on transferrable skills over task-specific abilities in 2021.

2. Leveraging Technology

Even as workplaces reopen, a significant portion will retain remote employees. Often, recruiters will likely be among them. Virtual communications are commonplace and easily accessible, and employers should expect virtual recruiting to continue in some form. As such, they should consider adopting technology that can help expand their efforts.

3. Leading by Example

Many businesses are discussing how they support their workers and communities, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. This helps organizations control how candidates view them, which can affect recruiting efforts. The trend ramped up last year and will likely continue in 2021. Employers can expect more candidates to look for empathy and clearly defined virtues from their potential workplaces.

Steps for Employers

Consider how these recruiting trends might impact your workplace and recruiting strategies.